Closeted Gay Elected Officials

by Diane Benjamin

Let’s get one thing straight:  This post has nothing to do with whether being gay is right or wrong.  It’s about Integrity.

If you pay any attention at all to politics, you know that several state and national Illinois GOP elected officials are suspected of being “in the closet”.  It has now come to my attention that a local elected official has joined those ranks.  Here’s the problem:

YOU are leaving yourself wide open to blackmail.

YOU wouldn’t be the first elected official to pay people off who threaten to expose you.  Can you be trusted not to use public funds for cover?  Can you be trusted to make decisions in the best interest of the people?

You also wouldn’t be the first elected official to inject your personal lifestyle into politics while claiming political correctness or fairness.   You are deceiving the citizens who voted for you no matter what side of gay rights you choose to follow.

I’m personally disgusted with leadership of the GOP who allow closeted gays to continue to run for election.  The citizens deserve to know who they are voting for, what the agenda will or will not be, and that the person is not susceptible to blackmail on ANY level.

Frankly, citizens admire people who speak the truth.  If you are incapable of saying who you are, don’t run for elected office.  Citizens have NO RESPECT for politicians with hidden agendas or politicians trying to cover their tracks.  We deserve to know the people we elect.  If you want to be gay and GOP – SAY IT!  Don’t wait for the Democrats to expose you when they feel they can score some points.  Pictures aren’t all that hard to get.

Read more about a Republican who has been in your shoes:

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