The Rich Get Richer? – Blame Regulations

In  just ONE year: 41,662 pages of new regulations.

The Affordable Care Act, which nobody read before voting on it, was only 2000 pages.  Kathleen Sebelius has written 13,000 pages so far to implement the law, and she isn’t half done.

How can this many pages of Federal regulations be complied with?  How many State and Local regulations were added?

It’s easy!  Hire a bunch of lawyers and accountants to figure out what the regulations mean, then figure out how to comply or get around them.

Who can afford to hire the lawyers and accountants?  The rich.  Big Business.  Wall Street.

Small businesses ARE NOT ABLE to comply.  This is why they are not hiring and unemployment remains high, they are struggling to survive.

America believes in capitalism, the government prevents capitalism from doing it’s job.  Businesses do the right thing when they have to complete for your dollars.

Monopolies are created by government through over-regulation.  Refusal to issue business licenses, because some other business might be hurt, destroys capitalism and gives us mediocre goods and services.  Excess regulations create companies “Too Big To Fail” because big business absorbs those unable to comply.

Competition creates innovation.  Regulations prevent it.  How about we punish law breakers (polluters, fraud, etc) and free the rest of the economy?

The only way to close the income gap is to eliminate regulations.  More government intervention has only made it worse.

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  2. I can�t say that I completely agree, but then once again I�ve never genuinely thought of it quite like that before. Thanks for giving me something to take into consideration when I�m supposed to have an empty mind even though trying to fall asleep tonight lol.. 8089

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