Comparing Kinzinger and Walsh – Update

Comparison of 2 Republicans elected to the House in 2010:

Rep. Joe Walsh (-Illinois, 8th) – Staff Salary Data

Total Salary Expenditures

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (-Illinois, 11th) – Staff Salary Data

Total Salary Expenditures

Which guy is looking out for you?


Let’s add some more 2010 guys elected from Illinois:

Rep. Robert Dold (-Illinois, 10th) – Staff Salary Data

Total Salary Expenditures

Rep. Bobby Schilling (-Illinois, 17th) – Staff Salary Data

Total Salary Expenditures

Rep. Randy Hultgren (-Illinois, 14th) – Staff Salary Data

Total Salary Expenditures

Maybe somebody should hold a class on fiscal responsibility – I nominate Joe Walsh to teach it!

4 thoughts on “Comparing Kinzinger and Walsh – Update

  1. Not at all happy with Kinzinger’s voting record. Sure hope he loses the next election. Pray that someone better comes along.

    1. He would have lost the primary if the establishment #GOP and a Texas PAC hadn’t thrown a bunch of money to him. It’s sad they have to be defeated before we can defeat the progressive Democrats.

  2. Kinzinger sure fooled us. My daughter, son-in-law and my wife and I really believed in Adam and that he was going to try and repeal Obamacare as he promised. I wrote two letters of support in the Pantagraph for him and we had his signs in our yard. After he won and got in office we saw this phony for what he was. When I would email his office on anti-American acts and executive orders by Obama he could never answer in reponse to my question it was ALWAYS a request for more money and contributions to keep him in office. Kinzinger did not even try to fight Obama or his healthcare that we could see. I guess he is now on easy street finacially but not for “We The People” but for HIMSELF.What a disappointment!!!

  3. Just visited the website to check on some other representatives, too, and was surprised to see that Manzullo (who I voted for) spent even more money than Kinzinger. This is my first visit to your website but I’ll definitely be back!

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