Beware: It’s Our Moment in Time

by: Norm Lenhart

Everyone, I know we all have opinions on this and mine is no more special than your own. But I ask you all to think seriously on the following and the deeper implications of it:

From the dawn of recorded history, the story of mankind, in all it’s aspects, is a series of cycles. This is summed up in the well known phrase “History repeats”. It is a well known phrase because it has proved itself repeatedly over thousands of years of human existence.

Whether or not one believes any of the great religion’s holy tracts, or if one is a hardcore evolutionalist makes no difference. The same cycles repeat. People come together for reasons of security and mutual benefit. Communities become states, states prosper, and then a subset of them develop their own ideas based on their wants.

They grow in power, upending the very order that enabled their prosperity, the whole thing goes to hell and society collapses. A period of time elapses and from the chaos, the process begins anew.

We are unfortunate in that we live in a time where liberals, unhappy with the order that made America great, have decided to follow that time tested tradition of destroying the success of the country, in fact, the world, in an attempt to fulfill their “WANTS”.

Run through the list of achievements liberals want destroyed. Cheap abundant energy. Low crime. Stable families. Ease of transportation/travel. The freedoms that the world has historically never had until “America” made them so.

Most on the right believe wrongly that liberals merely have a different worldview and that they believe their way is the better way. I submit you you as evidence to the contrary the sum total of history. Liberals do indeed want their way. But that way is destruction to no end. Destruction to no end. Destruction for it’s own sake.

From North Korea, Iran, the Soviet union and on back through time, liberal ideas have resulted in death, carnage, enslavement of whole peoples and more. None of which has ever yielded a ‘benefit to themselves or those under it’s boot. Yet they repeat the cycle endlessly.

The current push for homo-superiority is just a subset of that. As is their embracing of Islam at the DNC. Pieces of the puzzle. Bricks pacing the path to the next cycle of chaos. And as history has shown, they will succeed in bringing it about. They will get that ‘Utopia’ they dream of. And shortly thereafter, it will collapse as it always does into the chaos that it truly is.

But as history has also shown, once they get their wish and a new society forms from the wreckage, the natural order reasserts itself. And the process begins again. With them on the bottom of the food chain.

Honestly, I’d like to be optimistic and believe that ‘This time” will be different and we as a society can right the course. But this “is” the course. All we can do is prepare ourselves for what’s to come. We have this mistaken belief from our ‘secure’ homes and in our ‘secure’ country that something like Bosnia could never happen here. The Bosnians thought that as well. As did the Colonial Americans and later those before the Civil war.

Because liberals do not care about things like countries. as their various “Without Borders” groups prove conclusively. They care only about their wants. And the destruction that historically follows.

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