A legal team specializing in civil rights, faith and freedom issues has written a letter to members of the Illinois legislature, warning them that the new “Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act” isn’t all about “freedom” and “fairness.”

It’s about labeling constituents bigots, according to a statement from the attorneys at the Thomas More Society.

The letter, from Thomas Brejcha, chief counsel for the Thomas More Society, is going to every member of the state General Assembly to gaymarencourage them to oppose the plan.

He advises lawmakers that voting for the proposed same-sex “marriage” bill will hurt constituents.

That’s because the “discriminatory act will declare Illinois residents who support traditional marriage to be bigoted and prejudicial.”

“You will declare your constituents who believe that marriage is a union of one man and one woman to be bigots and discriminators,” the letter explains. “You will further ensure that this declaration is reinforced through official government policy.

“For instance, as in other states, you may see public schools in your district instruct children, beginning in kindergarten, that (a) same-sex couples and same-sex sexual activity are the same as opposite-sex married couples and opposite-sex marital sexual activity or that (b) kids do not need both a mom and a dad – two moms or two dads are just as good. Parents in your district who disagree have no right under law to opt their young children out of this kind of instruction,” the letter said.

The communiqué notes that the “fairness” proposal “will actually strip away the meager religious liberty protections of the 2010 civil union law.”

While the current law allows faith-based adoption agencies, hospitals, and schools to follow their deeply held convictions in regard to employment, facilities rental, and other decisions, the new plan would coerce acceptance of same-sex unions under the threat of being charged with Illinois Human Rights Act violations.

Said the letter, “What benefit would a ‘yes’ vote provide to same-sex couples? The mere changing of a title of a license – such that the license for most same-sex unions would now read ‘marriage license’ instead of ‘civil union license.’ And, if the example of other states holds true here, the words ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ would be stricken from marriage licenses in favor of ‘Party A’ and ‘Party B.’ Again, a ‘yes’ vote on same sex marriage would not grant a single additional substantive legal right to any homosexual couple in Illinois.”

But the harms will target “faithful Catholics, evangelical Christians, Missouri Synod Lutherans, Muslims, Mormons, and Orthodox Jews,” the letter said.

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