To Barack Obama: Should Have, Could Have

By John Sullivan

In all your endless whining during the past four years about “inheriting the worst recession since the Great Depression”, you have never mentioned that, at the same time, you inherited the greatest impending recovery since the Great Depression.   All you really had to do was sit on your hands, play some golf, let the economy heal itself, and then take credit in four years for twenty million jobs created and full employment.  You would have been reelected in a landslide without even campaigning.

John-Sullivan-2-e1358356528759But what did you do, Barack?  You spent years plopping a health care entitlement program on a weak economy -which killed job recovery.  Everyone knew that three things had to be a part of any national healthcare program – tort reform, letting insurance companies compete across state lines, and ending the deductibility of Cadillac health care plans.  Obamacare includes none of these, which is why, instead of saving $2500 per year per family, has increased cost per family by $3000 per year.  Well done!

You spent time trying to pass “Cap and Trade”, which is simply a tax on anyone who uses any kind of energy.  This, of course, is just what the middle class needed.  You also incurred $800 billion in debt for a stimulus program that was so poorly designed that there was no discernible effect whatsoever except among your campaign contributors.

Virtually every economic number and trend is declining and your policies of the past four years have us sliding towards another recession next year.  Would it have been so difficult to just sit there and do nothing?  We really would have been fine.  Similarly, had you kept your big feet out of energy, we would not have paid double gasoline prices for the past four years.

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