What Is E15 Gasoline and What Does It Mean to You?

In June, the EPA approved the use of E15, and a handful of gas stations in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas have begun to sell this fuel. There is a strong likelihood that retailers will market E15 in additional states soon unless regulators take immediate action to protect consumers. Considering how powerful the ethanol lobby is in Illinois, we can expect to see it at our local gas station soon. Unless …

e15-GASNearly all of the gasoline sold in the United States today is E10, which contains up to 10- percent ethanol, primarily produced from corn. The ethanol industry has lobbied hard to increase the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline as a way to increase sales and help meet the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Yep, another “bright” Democrat idea to protect the environment. Except all it does is take care of the fat cats who pump money into the Democrat re-election coffers.

Research to date raises serious concerns that E15, a fuel blend consisting of 15 percent ethanol and 85-percent gasoline, could cause accelerated engine wear and failure, fuel system damage and other problems such as false “check engine” lights.

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