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It’s very sad that Alderman Anderson is taking himself off the ballot due to health problem.  Only one other Bloomington citizen took out petitions to run for the City Council in April – Kevin Lower (rhymes with Bower).  To anybody with half a brain, Kevin should be appointed to fill out the final few months.

The Mayor isn’t happy!  Remember the appointment of Mboka Mwilambwe?  The council rejected the Mboka appointment, then rejected another name, which opened the door for Stockton to appoint Mboka without Council approval.  Is he going to appoint another “Yes” guy and then launch a write-in race?

Does running for office by legitimately submitting petitions mean nothing?  Is it only acceptable to be a public servant if the Mayor approves of you?

Maybe the Mayor is afraid of a candidate who actually believes pensions should be funded and the roads should be fixed!



3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – Steve Stockton

  1. There should not be any decision to make…..Kevin Lower is the only person who has shown the desire and willingness to go through the election process for the seat.

  2. I agree with the previous poster. Appoint Kevin Lower as no one else has shown any interest in the seat. However since this is a simple exercise of using any common sense, then,,,,

  3. Mayor Stockton has not yet made an appointment. He may well yet apoint Lower – who knows ? The real culprit in this whole mess is John Hanson and his cronies at the sunrise Rotary club. THEY are the ones pushing for yet another of thier members on the city board who will protect their extra-club business interest. They are scared to death of Lower, for he may vote his constituents intrests and the best intrests of the city. They are also scared of Tari Renner for the same reasons. These are the same people that shoved a reluctant Hanson to run for Mayor and have recruited Mathy to be a write in ! I think it is unfair to blame Stockton, he has not even made a choice yet. The REAL culprits in this farcical show are the good ‘ol boys at the sunrise Rotary. The wheel really does reward its friends and protect the intrests of the membership. The Pantagraph will not even allow comments that shine light on this very real good ‘ol boy club that includes MANY elected officials.

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