The Unfit for GOP Governor in Illinois

arrestYesterday a lady in Naperville was arrested for not allowing a Smart Meter to be installed on her house.  It is too late for the local Bloomington-Normal area because these meters have already been installed.  Meanwhile, there are court cases all over the country pertaining to individual rights and health problems associated with these meters.  Naperville has been very active in trying to stop the installation.  Read the arrest story here:

How did we get here?  In 2011 Illinois passed a Smart Grid bill allowing for the installation of these meters.  See who voted yes here:

At least 2 potential candidates for governor voted Yes:  Bill Brady and Kurt Dillard.  Also voting Yes was the Senate minority leaded (GOP) Christine Radogno.

Now look at contributions to these politicians by Ameren, ComEd, and others who wanted this bill passed:

Politicians bought and paid for, and us little people will be paying for it.  Tell Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard:  No thanks.

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