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As previously reported, Kevin Lower will be the only name on the ballot in April.  Some other guy wants to run as a write-in candidate, and he is applying to fill the vacancy created by Bernie Anderson leaving.   Also, as reported, if he gets the appointment it will be a blatant attempt to give him name recognition for the April election.  If he wanted to run, he should have done it correctly.

Today another candidate filed to just fill the vacancy for the next 6 or 7 meetings.  He is Allen Gibson, a former Alderman for Ward 1.   He has no intention of running in April.  He is familiar with the procedures, has maintained contact with the constituents, and has kept up with the issues.

Appointing the third guy is unacceptable to anyone who believes in fair elections.

Appointing Kevin Lower will just give him a jump start on the job since he will most likely win in April.

Appointing Allen Gibson is an acceptable alternative, if Mayor Stockton can’t seem to pick the obvious candidate.

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  1. Mayor Stockton noted that he wanted Ward 1, to have representation. Appointing Allen Gibson for the short term would make perfect sense.

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