Fly on the Wall – Steve Stockton AGAIN!

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I know all – I see all
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It appears that Stockton, so unhappy Bernie Anderson won’t be a lap dog any longer for David Hales, is determined not to let a guy that might oppose frivolousness spending like Kevin Lower get appointed to fill the Ward 1 seat.

Even though Mr. Lower will be the only guy on the ballot because nobody else cared enough to get petitions signed, Stockton thinks the people deserve a choice.  He looks poised to appoint the no name to fill the empty seat, just so the guy has some name recognition.

Wonder if the Pantagraph will get quotes from him after every meeting?  Wonder is Stockton is so unafraid of the PEOPLE he would attempt to twist politics so the spending can continue, pensions won’t be funded, and road won’t be repaired.

Wonder how many citizens will be at the February 11th City Council meeting to witness Stockton’s actions first hand?  Maybe he should announce before the meeting who he is going to pick, just so the citizens don’t bring tomatoes.  Luckily, it isn’t summer when they are more than plentiful around here.

Wonder if the City Council, quite a few of which are running again, will be stupid enough to okee-dokee the no name pick?

Maybe the Fly under-estimates Stockton, but that’s not the buzz.

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