The power struggle between the Republican Party conservative base and its establishment leadership isn’t just erupting in Illinois, it’s going on at the GOP’s national level. Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips responded Monday to Republican consultant Karl Rove declaring war on the Tea Party with an open letter to wealthy Republican Donors nationwide.

Dear wealthy Republican Donors:

You are about to be a political football for the next almost two years. This game will not be played with the fanfare of the Superbowl but it will be every bit as dramatic. The consequences of this fight will be profound to the point of changing the direction the nation is heading in and you will be in the middle of it.

What is this fight?  What will happen in the next two years and perhaps most importantly, what should you do?

Karl Rove has created a new group called the Conservative Victory Project.  Since Karl Rove is involved, he can call it a project and that is about as accurate as it will get.

It has nothing to do with conservatives and will achieve about as many victories as Rove engineered in 2012.

That would be zero.

Karl Rove says he wants to stop unelectable candidates and he cites two Tea Party candidates.  They are Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin.

Richard Mourdock was a Tea Party candidate and a great candidate.  He was caught by a gotcha question from a liberal journalist.  How come these liberal journalists never ask Democrats gotcha questions?   Akin was not the Tea Party candidate in Missouri.  He was a candidate of massive ego and limited intellect.  Democrats crossed over and voted for him in the primary because the thought he would be the weakest candidate.

If Karl Rove wants to throw out bad candidates, I have four words for him.  John McCain and Mitt Romney.

If you are a wealthy Republican Donor and are thinking about giving money to Karl Rove or one of his groups, let me suggest you give your money to Bernie Madoff instead.  You will get a better return on your money from Madoff or any other ponzy schemer than you will from Karl Rove.

Karl Rove’s efforts are his Hail Mary.  This is all about saving his stock as the leader of the Republican Establishment and not about getting conservatives elected.  Karl Rove is about as interested in getting conservatives elected as Barack Obama is.

Karl Rove is the poster child for crony consultants.

If the Republican Party had any sense, Rove would be given a dishonorable discharge from the Party and banned from any future participation with any Republican campaign.

Unfortunately for America, the Republican Establishment is more interested in whitewashing the 2012 results than they are finding out what went wrong and correcting the problems.

If you are a wealthy Republican Donor and want to make some changes, let me introduce you to the Tea Party.

This is the group that out of the blue swept the GOP back into control of the House in 2010 and was totally ignored by the GOP in 2012.

In 2012, the Tea Party, which had brought the GOP back from the dead, was not even mentioned at the convention.

What was the result of ignoring the Tea Party?

Mitt Romney lost four states by a total of 400,000 votes.  Had those states flipped, Mitt Romney would be President today.  Each of those four states has very active Tea Party groups.  Instead of taking control of the Senate, Republicans lost ground.  Instead of expanding their majority in the House, the Republicans lost ground.

There are two things you should know about Tea Party groups like Tea Party Nation and other state and local Tea Party groups.  First, we operate on shockingly small budgets and second we get things done.   Neither of those statements is true of Karl Rove’s groups.

Last year, Rove managed to blow $300 million in the election cycle and did not win a single race.  He did not even move the meter.

Had a small portion of that money been diverted to other groups, like Tea Party groups, the results could have been much different.   While Rove and company wasted mind blowing amounts of money on advertising that was totally ineffective, Tea Party groups know how to get out get into the community and get the vote out.  We know how to get things done.

Einstein once defined insanity as trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

If you are a wealthy Republican Donor, Karl Rove will be coming hat in hand, asking for your money.

You could blow money on Rove and his failed organizations or you could go blow it in Vegas.  At least in Vegas you’d get free drinks and a nice room.

If you really want to make a difference, call me.  I can show you how the Tea Party can bring the Republican Party victory in 2014 at a fraction of the price Karl Rove wants just so he can lose again.

Published first at Tea Party Nation.

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