Stockton’s pick for Ward 1: questionable integrity Update!

Corrected Press release:  Corrected Press Release

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I have been notified that some details in the press release are incorrect.  Mathy was not convicted of theft, he plead guilty.  The group issuing the press release is revising it.  The corrected version will be posted when available.

This is what happens when the Pantagraph would rather spew the City talking points than actually do any investigative reporting.

The sob story will be out tonight!  Mathy forgot, he’s an upstanding citizen now with 2 businesses.  The point is:  Mayor Stockton does not have a right to affect elections so he can place another YES vote for more spending before the Council.  Who does he work for?  Obviously not the citizens, only people in his network are allowed to serve on the Council.   Ask him how much he plans to spend on Downtown Bloomington, or should we start calling it Uptown Bloomington?

One thought on “Stockton’s pick for Ward 1: questionable integrity Update!

  1. Stockton and integrity in the same line? Stockton and snake-in-the-grass would be more appropriate. Traitor or Communist or some variation there of?

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