Corruption on Display – Bloomington City Council

by Diane Benjamin

The opinions voiced by Alderman Stearns and Purcell were completely ignored by all other members of the City Council tonight.  Steve Purcell stated he would be a NO vote to seat Mathy because the process of choosing him was unfair to Kevin Lower who actually got petitions signed and has been out campaigning for months. He used the example of Matt Sorenson appointing Ron Dozier to the State’s Attorney’s office instead of playing favorites by picking one of the declared candidates.  Mayor Stockton gave the impression  the vote had to be tonight because the law required it.  He actually had 60 days.

2 citizens made public comments about the unfairness of Mayor Stockton’s selection, both garnered applause from the audience.  The other 7 alderman were unfazed by any comments and rubber stamped Stockton’s agenda.  The light above the Mayor’s head was burned out – a visible representation of his mindset.

Obviously fair elections and public comments mean nothing to the City Council. They don’t work for the citizens, they work for their agenda.  Mayor Stockton wants massive spending on Downtown Bloomington, Mathy is a rubber stamp for him. Congratulations Mayor – you are finally completely transparent.

Citizens must unite against the corruption exhibited by the council tonight.  If you live in Ward 1 – make sure you vote for Kevin Lower on April 9th.  Drag your neighbors to the polls.  City elections have notoriously low turnout.  It’s up to informed citizens to get out the vote.

Also up for election:  Ward 5 – Jennifer McDade  Ward 3 – Mboka Mwilambwe

These 2 completely acted against the wishes of the citizens present and against the facts presented.  Both need to be defeated April 9.

Unfortunately Steve Purcell is not running for reelection.  He is in a primary race for Township supervisor in February.  Running for his seat is a guy who will not be a rubber stamp for more spending-Ryan Fiala.

Voting is an essential element of liberty.  Not voting in the City elections is not an option, unless you like being a slave to the debt the City Council votes to approve.

The Pantagraph story tomorrow will sound nothing like this because they can only report the City talking points.  Stayed tuned, I’ll fix their story for you.  Better yet, maybe they should be ignored.

5 thoughts on “Corruption on Display – Bloomington City Council

  1. Seriously the time has come for some enterprising youth to hand out puke bags outside city hall as the meeting gets ready to begin.

  2. I think you are wrong about Fiala. He is a future rubber stamper for certain. Scott Black is the best choice for Bloomington City Council.

  3. @TorchLight,,,do you know Fiala? Have you ever talked to the man? What exactly do you base your “think” on? On the other hand Scott Black if elected will abandon his November 2012 elected post to the McLean County Board leaving that spot to be appointed rather than elected by the people. That to me has rubber stamp written all over it, especially with his mentor in the mayor race. I think I need a puke bag.

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