Mathy’s “Youthful Indiscretions”

by:  Diane Benjamin

Mathy plead guilty to a 1995 charge of stealing cable TV.  At last nights Council meeting he said he had a big screen TV in an apartment  while attending college. The guys in an adjacent apartment had cable, so they strung the wire to his TV to watch Monday Night Football.

First question:  Mathy has a big TV and no cable – how did he watch TV?  Rabbit ears?

Second question:  Monday Night football was shown on one of the big three networks.  Rabbit ears would have gotten the game.  Why the cable?

Third question:  Want to try explaining  that charge again?

Fourth question:  Is this the only time the cable was ever strung to your TV?

Fifth question:  The adjoining apartment just happened to have a cable long enough to reach your apartment?

Sixth question:  Your neighbor strung it?  Why did you plead guilty?

Seventh question:  Your FORGOT you plead guilty?

Eighth question:  You didn’t bother to have it expunged?  Why?

Ninth  question:  Think any rational citizens are buying this or that Stockton didn’t act with total disregard for citizens when appointing you?

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