Campaign signs disappearing – Update

The stealing of Kevin Lower’s signs slowed after this post, but recently another 100 signs disappeared.  The police will now get involved.

Campaign sign theft is a CRIME.

When caught, the thief can be charged with criminal damage to property.

Kevin Lower, Bloomington Alderman candidate in Ward 1, has reported dozens of signs have disappeared.  Is this how the write-in candidate expects to win? Obviously the opponent and supporters are the likely culprits.

If you respect the law and the election process, make sure your supporters do too. Citizens demand fair elections and that has already been compromised by Mayor Stockton.   Continuing to participate in illegal activity will have consequences.

Any other candidates have signs stolen?  If you see theft, report it!

4 thoughts on “Campaign signs disappearing – Update

  1. There is no doubt that the ‘establishment’ is worried sick about the possibilty of Lower being on the city council. I have seen several Lower signs yard signs relpaced with Mathy signs by the homeowner. It seems there is a REAL effort to shove Mathy into this seat – with Sunrise Rotarians doing most of the pushing. Interesting. Wonder what they have to fear ? 😉

  2. This is a way to squash public opinion. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a shame that candidates/supporters/political parties stoop to these kind of tactics.

  3. FLASH! Newsbreak,,,as Kevin Lower the people’s choice walks the ward to meet and greet his constituency, the write-in candidate’s minions travel the night stealing the signs of the opponent. Desperation is, as desperation does.

  4. Well said mudd. The signs would not be disappearing if Kevin Lower were not a threat to his opponent. Stockton should have appointed Lower, or at the least appointed a neutral party until the election. The whole thing was rigged.

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