If you live in Bloomington . . .

Watch the City Council proceedings from last night – especially the funding of the Black Church project.  First their is a line of Pastor’s and citizens begging for the money.  Then find out what Alderman Stearns and Lower really said before the vote.

This was a project thrown together without even exploring private funding.  The Pastor’s indicated more than one that God called them to do this project.  That’s all great and probably the only hope some of the teens have, but it is illegal for taxpayers to fund religious activities.

Start watching around 20 minutes.

One thought on “If you live in Bloomington . . .

  1. WOW! Talk about Socialism and it’s takes a village. It takes good parents and good families to raise good kids and even then there are some kids who grow up to be career criminals. I remember back in the early 70’s a serial murderer in our twin cities who was abducting college girls that he raped and killed. He had been in prison before that and only served 9 years for murdering his buddy who helped him rob a couple small town banks. His name was Jesse Donald Sumner, we called him Don. I knew him personally and he had two faces, an angel face and an evil perpetrating face. If you checked his upbringing as a youth you would find that he came from a Christian home with parents who loved him. My point is that if you check, many times some kids no matter what grows up to be bad seeds. Why would our city reward “bad” behavior by giving these kids fun activities to attend instead of punishment and justice for committing crimes. I guess this will teach our children that crime does pay, so more kids can become criminals to get these great benefits. This smells of “Socialism” and it NEVER works! Yes, criminal juveniles can be rehabilitated of course but not by bribing them into being good. This really does not surprise me though that Mayor Renner is promoting this as a “Pilate” program. Tari Renner spoke at Camp Obama back in 2007 to help organize Community Organizers to get this Socialist/Marxist, Barack Obama, elected as our President. Renner believes in the Obama agenda of helping the thugs and criminals while tearing down the honest, middle class, home owning citizen with higher taxes and restrictions of our liberties. Our country and local cities are being sabotaged from within by these Obama followers in positions of power.

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