We are all just pawns on a chessboard

by:  Diane Benjamin

Government says gas prices are too low – government makes sure they go up so you don’t drive as much.

Gas taxes go down because you aren’t driving as much, so government wants to tax electric cars, maybe all vehicles, by the miles driven.

Government doesn’t like fossil fuels, so it hands billions of dollars to campaign bundlers to promote green energy.  They take their cut and lose the rest.

People can’t find jobs, give them food stamps and every possible subsidy.pawns

The subsidy receivers realize life is good without work, so why work. At least 5 million people quit looking for work.

Disability claims rise, why work?

Government wants health insurance for everybody. Government not smart enough to know that insurance without a doctor is useless.

Government needs to fund college for doctors, existing doctors close up shop because government reimbursement rates don’t cover costs.

Government decides old people cost too much to take care of, Medicare is cut.

Government stole the Social Security Trust Fund, Social Security benefits must be re-written.

Government employees can’t be fired because they are members of a union.

Government employees give campaign contributions to the party in power for favorable union contracts.

Government employees expect lavish retirements compared social security, taxes go up on everybody else.

Pensions go up 3% a year, shortly the pension is higher than their salary ever was.

Every citizen is buried in government debt.

IRS is used as a weapon against the citizens.

EPA is used as a weapon against the citizens.

Journalism barely exists, government threats shut down any real reporting.

Border control agents aren’t allowed to do their job, we are told the border is more secure than ever.

Signs are posted along the border in English, Spanish, and Chinese so border crossers know where to get help.

Islam isn’t responsible for the current violence in the world, or terrorist attacks.

A shooting, by a member of the  military who shouts Islamic rants while killing American soldiers, is classified as workplace violence.

Government lies are so frequent many presume everything said is a lie.

Government runs guns to the drug cartels in Mexico, President gives the culprits cover with Executive Privilege.

Our military is used to oust the leader of Libya, our ambassador there is murdered, the government lies about the cause, 9 months later we still have no answers.

The president knows nothing about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandal, Associated Press scandal or the Fox News scandal.  President knows everything about the killing of Bin Laden, the talk of DC is he didn’t want to do it.

A US Senator is trying his best to involve us in yet another war- Syria.

Illegal immigrants openly parade through the streets demanding their rights.

Gays want to create their own rights too.

CO2 is declared extremely hazardous to our survival.  No mention of us dying without it.  Climate alarmists are proven wrong again and again, but that doesn’t matter.

Taxpayers are expected to sacrifice to save the planet, while Al Gore and his ilk live in mansions and fly around on their private planes.

Our children are indoctrinated in school to believe in Global Warming, we pay the bills so they can.

Our children are indoctrinated in school to believe guns are bad, another generation and the 2nd Amendment goes away.

Actors openly express their disgust for capitalism (that made them rich) but citizens pay to see their acting anyway.

Government only believes the Constitution and laws apply if they lose in court.

Congress doesn’t read the bills they pass anymore.

Open socialists are now serving in Congress.

Much of the public believes socialism is a good thing.

Feel good bills are passed instead of the not so glamorous duty of government. Vote buying trumps obligations.

Actual legislation and regulations are written by appointees, not by the elected.

Congress has no real power, they just think they do.

Al Jazeera America and Russia Today are the rising networks on cable.

Progressives say we need to make progress.  They never say to what.

Being a Christian, conservative, or supporter of Israel lands you on a terrorist watch list.

Fundamental Transformation promised by President Obama, the short list.

We are now officially government pawns.  America was fun while it lasted.

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