Illinois is Bill Brady’s fault

by: Diane Benjamin

2010:  remember it?  The year the GOP won election after election after election across the country and 2043143re-took the House of Representatives in DC.  Illinois alone sent 5 new GOP reps – the people were mad at Democrats for slamming ObamaCare down their throats and all the other shenanigans perpetrated by Democrats  in DC because they had complete control of the Federal Government.

The people voted – Democrats got wiped out!

Bill Brady lost the Governorship of Illinois to Pat Quinn

Republican Dan Rutherford won as State Treasurer.

Republican Judy Baar Topika won as State Comptroller.

Hey Bill – Those were State-wide races – just like yours!

Republicans added at least 11 governors and control of least 18 state legislatures. But not Illinois! Bill,   maybe you should have gotten off your bus at events and actually talked to people instead of locking yourself in until it was your turn to speak.  Maybe you should have hung around after speaking to at least shake a few hands.  Maybe you should have actually campaigned in Chicago instead of planning to win every other county and ignore Cook.  Maybe you shouldn’t have avoided conservative groups like they had a disease because you didn’t want to get type-cast as (gasp) Tea Party.  Both state-wide Republican wins got a higher percent of the Chicago vote than you did.  You did nothing to counter the Quinn attacks on you in Chicago – the Cook County voters realized they were immaterial and therefore didn’t vote for you.

Your despicable race of pandering to people who either aren’t allowed to vote because they are here illegally, or would never vote for you anyway, cost Illinois not only your race, but money.  Almost 4 years later Illinois continues it’s downward spiral to insolvency.  Credit downgrades, unpaid bills, and massive spending by an incompetent legislature.

It’s your fault Bill and it will be until 2020

Because of you, the Democrats got to re-draw the districts.  They now have complete control of the state and the complete power to destroy it since governing is not in their vocabulary.  The drew the districts for POWER.  Illinois is fundamentally bankrupt and you are to blame.  Businesses are moving out or getting subsidized to stay.  Union members think they will actually get their pensions. The Springfield corruption continues unabated.

Spare Illinois Bill.  You had your chance and you blew it.

The only hope for Illinois:  

1)  Bill Brady gets out of the race for governor

2)  This group gets 300,000 good signatures by May 2014 to get a Constitutional amendment for fairer district maps.

5 thoughts on “Illinois is Bill Brady’s fault

  1. What about rumored 300,000 dead folks from Cook county that voted for Quinn? Is that Brady’s fault too? Or the bogus electronic voting machines? Lol! The integrity of the election process is long gone. Who’s fault is that? Where is the public’s outrage? The entire process is crooked.

  2. Sure Brady was responsible for his own loss..but..his incompetent staff and ‘advisors’ were equally to blame. In fact, the closer the staff member was to Brady in the last 3 months of the 2010 campaign – the more they are responsible for Brady losing. Brady still employs many of these same people and keeps them close as advisers. I doubt Brady will even win the primary in 2014.

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