If the 2009 Town Halls were bad for Democrats, just wait

by Diane Benjamin

The GOP has one last chance to keep their base.  Conservatives have had enough of collusion and capitulation with Democrats.  We’ve had enough of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and John McCain.

If the GOP does not vote to DEFUND ObamaCare – they own it!

A majority of Americans don’t want it.


America is turning into a part-time work force because of ObamaCare


One of the Democratic architects of ObamaCare calls it a disaster


The President re-writes the law to exempt businesses for one year and Obamacare is open to fraud


The IRS is given even more power to target citizens


Employers aren’t hiring because of ObamaCare


Worker’s hours are being cut to less then 30 to avoid ObamaCare penalties


If the Senate immigration bill passes the House, illegals will get job preference because ObamaCare doesn’t apply to them


Doctors are leaving the profession because of ObamaCare


Death panels DO exist


Young healthy Americans are NOT going to pay for coverage when they can pay a minimal penalty


Estimated future cost have sky-rocketed


Health Care premiums are skyrocketing


Lastly, the GOP will also hear about immigration reform:


The Republican party either returns to Constitutionally limited government, or the conservative base will be forced to take action.  The RINO’s in the party should be afraid – very afraid.  In 2010 the American people took out their anger on the Democrats for passing ObamaCare.  In 2014 that anger will turn on Republicans if ObamaCare is not defunded and if they pass ANY Immigration bill granting any path to citizenship.

The GOP House holds the purse.  Fund the rest of government, with cuts, and leave ObamaCare out!  We have divided government for a reason.  Start using your power and quit acting like surfs at the President’s feet.  The majority of American people know this country is on the wrong track.


The Republican Party has this one last chance to stand up for the American people.  If they don’t take it, they will pay big in 2014.

Stand with Ted Cruz!  http://washingtonexaminer.com/article/2533599…Now

Also on the August Town Hall agenda:

Stop the IRS harassment of conservatives


Stop the NSA spying on all Americas:  We aren’t the enemy!


TELL THE GOP:  We Will Not Forget Benghazi!


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