Double JEERS to the Pantagraph!

by:  Diane Benjamin

First:  Have people quit writing Letters to the Editor or are you making sure opinions of citizens aren’t heard?  Does anybody actually read the propaganda published elsewhere first?

Now for the jeers:

This is their proof!
This is their proof!

In the Cheers and Jeers editorial today:

Cheers: . . . to the “I will Act on climate” group that held a press conference here this week, urging more discussion and education about climate change, its causes and its cure.

They go on to add:  “But like every good argument, both sides need to state their position and argue their point, then offer the opposition the same chance.

Dear Pantagraph:

When have you ever seen a debate on climate change?

You haven’t.  We were told in the 70’s we would all freeze to death because of global cooling.  Then it changed to global warming, but the scammers realized the earth wasn’t warming and hasn’t for 12-15 years.  Now it’s called Climate Change!

The only science involved is computer models that haven’t been close to accurate.  Temperatures are taken where accurate information is impossible – like on a concrete slab.   People are waking up to the scam.

Debate?  The President calls dis-believers “Flat Earthers”.  Pure Saul Alinsky – vilify the opposition in an attempt to marginalize them.

If you seriously want a debate, call me.  I have people with real facts.  I imagine you will have trouble finding anybody willing to debate though.  Lies without facts are hard to defend.  Meanwhile, government pushes forward to enslave us with even higher energy prices and more debt.

Thanks obsolete media!


2 thoughts on “Double JEERS to the Pantagraph!

  1. Joseph Goebbels, MInister of Propaganda for Hitler once said, “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth.” Mudd says that “If you keep repeating the truth often enough, people come to realize who the liars are, and will then disregard anything that those liars say about anything.” So just keep spreading the truth, we’re not as dumb as they keep telling us that we are. Liars are dumb as the truth will prevail.

  2. They don’t call it The Slantagraph for nothing! This newspaper is totally left-wing controlled. Their head of their newsroom, Mark Pickering, constantly runs damage control for the Obama government. I use to email letters to the editor for print but since Obama’s re-election I have notice a much tighter cover up of facts and truth about Obama and his left-wing Progressives American hating regime. They no longer print any of my letters and have totally ostracized me from their newspaper!

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