One the candidates for Bloomington Police: Google him UPDATE

Bloomington Taxpayers:  You paid for this guy to come to Bloomington for the interviews.

You paid for City staff to spend the day with all the candidates and you paid for lavish food for their public display.

I hear that questions for the candidates were not spontaneous.  The local police were handed questions they were allowed to ask.

Scam? Sham?  Has David Hales picked the guy he wants and he did an expensive show, at your expense, to make sure he gets his choice?

Your tax dollars at work!  Video is available here.

This is one story – there are many more.

Milwaukee Assistant Chief Darryl Winston retires

MILWAUKEE- A suspended assistant Milwaukee police chief has now retired.

Assistant Chief Winston escaped an internal investigation of his actions — because he no longer works for the department.  On Thursday, Winston retired.

In his 28 years with the Milwaukee police, Darryl Winston rose through the ranks from police officer — to assistant chief in charge of officer performance and discipline.

A career that has ended — after an incident in a north side alley last December.  Police found the assistant chief in the front seat of an idling car — with another man.

Police will not say what happened in that alley or in that car that was so suspicious.  But whatever it was was enough for him to lie about his relationship to the man he was with.

According to police, Winston first said the 23-year-old was his nephew, which was not true.

TODAY’S TMJ4 tried to talk to that other man at his home Thursday night — but he refused to answer questions.

Darian: “We don’t want to talk.”
TODAY’S TMJ4’s Steve Chamraz:  “Are you Darian?”
Darian:  “Yeah, i don’t want to talk.”
TODAY’S TMJ4’s Steve Chamraz:  “Do you know the chief retired today?”
Darian: “(no response).”

After the incident in the alley — Assistant Chief Winston was suspended and stripped of his police powers.

With his retirement — the internal investigation into Winston’s actions is closed.

Winston was suspended with pay until his retirement Thursday.  TODAY’S TMJ4 called and visited his home Thursday night for a comment, but they have not heard back.

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