Fly on the Wall: Normal

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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I hear Normal wants a new library.  Just who allowed all the buildings around the current one, thus not allowing any room for expansion?  People think walking 1/2 block from a parking garage (as reported by the Pantagraph) is too far?   Wonder how all the other businesses in Uptown are managing.  Maybe they aren’t since nobody wants to walk 1/2 block!

It has been reported that the current one is old, built in the 70’s.  Wow – that’s ancient.  Maybe no vision was involved in the planning.  Think the current visioning committees will get it right?

Now Normal wants to hire a lobbyist!  Running a little behind on finances?  Expect the STATE taxpayers to pay your bills?  Think Quinn will step up with new library money?  I guess they haven’t heard Illinois doesn’t have any money either.

Bloomington wants a new library too!  Why do both towns need a library?

Maybe Normal only allows global warming texts and self-help books on how to live off other people’s money to be shelved.  Okay, we need 2.



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