Bloomington: Who is calling the shots?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Since the 1990’s spending on roads in Bloomington has been less than $1,000,000.  In 2000 ZERO was spent on roads, according to Rob Fazzini.  Wasn’t that BEFORE the economy melted down?  Pensions are severely underfunded.  But, there is plenty of money for new parks, west-side gateways, and extending Constitution Trail north.  The east-side people must really like how Jim Fruin spends their money, because nobody ever bothers to run against him.  The only driving force for the Council has been Quality of Life, in other words, buy off the citizens with pretty shining things so they love us.

Why do you think Judy Stearns voted against the last budget?  Why do you think the Pantagraph has done everything they can to make her a villain? When she constantly has to fight for fiscal responsibility from anybody on the Council, of course she’s the bad person.

Since your tax dollars have been spent for decades on things most of you didn’t want, here’s a list of what now HAS to be done:

From a 2011 City of Bloomington study-Reviewed by the Administrative & Finance Committee last Monday:

$139,000,000 for Sewers and Storm Water systems

$100,000,000 for water distribution and supply

$60,000,000 for road maintenance

$2,000,000-$3,000,000 for sidewalk improvements

$17,000,000 in new road construction

$31,000,000,000 for parks, including the zoo

$10,000,000 for fire facilities

$22,000,000 for critical maintenance to city facilities

$2,000,000 in salary/health insurance-2015

$1,600,000 to $3,000,000 in police and fire pension contributions

$1,500,000 for additional engine company

$12,000,000 per year in road maintenance to bring roads up to “good”

$500,000 to $1,000,000 a year in facilities Maintenance

$2,000,000 in potential cash transfers to Solid Waste, Sewer & Storm Water funds.

Note that the study is from 2011.  Did they stop throwing away your money when faced with REALLY BIG numbers?  Not a chance.

The entire budget for the City is around $170,000,000.  Details here:

Anybody driving in Bloomington knows the roads have been badly neglected, but you have new parks!

Does the Council really believe they should be considering ANY spending on additional items like soccer fields and a Community Center?  How about downtown redevelopment?

David Hales thinks all businesses in Bloomington should be licensed!  Can you say police state?  You are already slaves to this fiscally irresponsible government.  Be sure to thank the Regional Planning Commission too, they are a big driver of wasteful spending by waving matching cash under Hales nose.

Is it any wonder 1,22 residents leave Illinois permanently every 10 minutes?  Think they won’t leave Bloomington?  Let’s see those coming tax increases, and then watch the exodus.  (if the people’s cars aren’t stuck in a pothole)


The City Council really doesn’t want to hear your opinions, but they should:  [email protected]  Most would really prefer you were in the dark and the Council members didn’t inform the public on issues, at least until they are passed.





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  1. Leaving Bloomington? Note all the foreclosures in this town. Wow! State Farm is doing their massive new expansions in Atlanta, Dallas, and Tempe. Wasn’t Corporate South built 20 years ago to centralize operations? Leaving Bloomington? Nah, never happen. Duh,,,. Council should be very concerned.

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