Legal immigration: celebrate!

by: Diane Benjamin

2 friends of mine became US citizens last week!  They immigrated here legally over 10 years ago.  They have a daughter who was born here.  The husband has been working on a Green Card since arriving, they applied for citizenship last year.  They were surprised to be approved so quickly.

They never tried to illegally vote.  They never applied for For Food Stamps or any government assistance.  They paid taxes.

They came to America for opportunity.  The smiles on their faces were impossible to miss, in fact they were glowing.ja

If ICE had known, they probably would have been rejected because they are CONSERVATIVE.  They will vote and not for candidates trying to buy them.

In the past they have been hesitant to comment on politics, thinking it might affect their status.  I asked the husband what he thought about immigration reform.  His response:  illegal immigration will destroy the country.

This couple epitomizes the values and work ethic brought by our immigrants throughout history.  Welcome!  Can’t wait to see you vote for the first time!

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