Fly on the Wall: WJBC & Cities 92.9

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Now it can be said who WJBC discussed hiring and then changed their mind:  Benjamin Yount.

Yount would have been a return to the days when WJBC ruled the airwaves with good content and conservative talk.  In case you don’t remember, it was a long time ago.  WJBC used to be the top rated AM station in the country for their market size!  (A long time ago)

Cities 92.9 hired Benjamin for a new afternoon show starting soon.  Good move Cities!  I hope the show expands to more than 1 hour though.

One thought on “Fly on the Wall: WJBC & Cities 92.9

  1. I once enjoyed listening to WJBC, when Don Munson, Jim Brown, and the rest were still around, and had classical music, and 2 hour Problems and Solutions, not no more that gab! gab! goes a long ways !!

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