Citizens for Responsible Government Speaker

An event you won’t regret attending!
You may not know the name, but you certainly know the topic — illegal immigration and amnesty. 


Dennis Michael Lynch has made two documentaries titled They Come to America I : The Cost of Illegal Immigration and They Come to America II:  The Cost of Amnesty.  Mike Huckabee has called his work “remarkable,” and Sean Hannity has called it a “must see.”   This past July 4 Lynch and his work were featured on Sean Hannity’s one-hour special about immigration.  You can see clips from Lynch’s documentaries and television appearances at  His passion is fueled by his memories of running away from the crumbling twin towers on 9/11 and vowing to use his life to make a difference. 


Mr. Lynch will speak at The Decatur Club, 158 W. Prairie, on Tuesday, September 24, at 7:00 P.M.  Tickets are $15 or 2/$25, and each ticket includes the two videos.  Tickets are available now at 217-362-9800 or next week at that number and at Foster Financial Services, 158 W. Prairie.
What Audiences Have Said About Him:
“When he’s serious, you listen.  When he smiles, you smile.  The man is intoxicating.”
“Lynch brings it home with integrity and entertainment. He’s doing the hard work our media just won’t do.”

“His energy, patriotism and passion are contagious.  He’s the kind of person we need on all issues, not just immigration.”

What Peers Have Said About His Work:
Sean Hannity:  “The information in this film is a must see.”
Mike Huckabee:  “A remarkable documentary.”
Brian Kilmeade, Fox & Friends:  “Oscar worthy.  You won’t be able to stop watching.”
Congressman Steve King from Iowa:  “You must see this excellent film.”

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