The Illinois GOP and the establishment GOP in DC have no desire to defund ObamaCare.  They will not fight unless we force them to.  Read the story below. This is only the beginning!  Please contact your reps and Leadership:

Please Call!!
Speaker John Boehner: (202) 225-0600
Rep.Eric Cantor: (202) 225-2815
Sen. Mitch McConnell: (202) 224-2541
Sen. Dick Durbin: (202) 224-2152
Sen. Mark KIrk:
Chicago: 312-886-3506, Springfield: 217-492-5089,  Washington, DC: 202-224-2854

U.S. Representatives in Congress from IL:
Rep. Dan Lipinski: 202-225-5701
Bobby Rush(D): 202-225-4372
Robin Kelly(D):202-225-0773
Luis V. Gutierrez(D): 202-225-8203
Mike Quigley(D): 202-225-4061
Peter Roskam: 202-225-4561
Danny Davis(D): 202-225-5006
Tammy Duckworth(D): 202-225-3711
Jan Schakowsky(D): 202-225-2111
Brad Schneider(D): 202-225-4835
Bill Foster(D): 202-225-3515
Bill Enyart(D): 202-225-5661
Rodney Davis: 202-225-2371
Randy Hultgren: 202-225-2976 (voting to defund Obamacare,Please Thank Him!)
John Shimkus: 202-225-5271
Adam Kinzinger: 202-225-3635
Cheri Bustos(D): 202-225-5905
Aaron Schock: 202-225-6201


OAK LAWN – The pastor of the First Church of God in Oak Lawn, Illinois posted on his Facebook page this weekend that his mentally challenged 24 year old daughter’s health care has been abruptly cut off as Illinois moves into the Affordable Care Act system.  Pastor Dan Marler reached out to his friends for help after he couldn’t find answers elsewhere.  He gave Illinois Review permission to share his comments in hopes of finding answers for his daughter.

My 24-year old daughter, Rachel, has been covered for several years on Medicaid and was recently switched over to medical coverage provided by the Affordable Healthcare Act. Rachel has a genetic condition known as Smith-Magenis syndrome. She is mentally challenged. And she suffers from seizures and other health issues related to her disability.

Several weeks ago Nadia, my wife, took Rachel for an appointment with the neurologist whom she has seen for many years. This doctor accepts Medicaid. Upon arriving at the office Nadia and Rachel were informed, however, that the doctor will not accept patients who are covered under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

This was upsetting because this doctor provides important care for Rachel. He has seen her for most of her life and is familiar with her condition and her medical history.

Nadia offered to simply pay for his services out of our pocket. She was told the doctor could not do that. In fact, she was informed that would be illegal.

(I’m still puzzled how paying a doctor out of our own pocket would be illegal, but I’ll just continue on with the story.)

Referring to the health care ID card provided by the system under which Rachel is now covered, Nadia called the primary doctor listed on the card. She was informed by this doctor’s office that they are not taking patients who are covered under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

This is the doctor who is listed on the card!

Nadia has contacted Aetna, the insurance company, that our plan utilizes and, at this point, they have been unable to refer a doctor in our area for Rachel. We are still attempting to communicate further with Aetna.

Nadia has also contacted the office of our state representative, Bill Cunningham, hoping for help, direction and solutions to our situation. She has had conversations that basically could be summed up in this way: Sorry, but this is what we have in Illinois, right now.

So, Rachel is no longer able to see any of the doctors who have treated her for her entire life and, at this point in time, she really does not have a doctor.

It is my intention with this post to: 1) provide a simple account of our experience. And 2) speak up for my daughter who is unable to speak up for herself.

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