McLean County: We found the problem!

The county says they are always looking for money.  Not surprising when you look at this chart.  The information is from

2001 Wages:  24,678,157

2011 Wages:  33,433,451

That’s around a 33% increase in wages in 10 years.2278553

2001 spending:  49,690,795

2011 spending:  81,260,567

That’s around a 61% increase in total spending in 10 years.

It looks like the massive increases stopped and started to reverse in 2009.  Hopefully it will continue!



2 thoughts on “McLean County: We found the problem!

  1. Diane

    In order for this to be meaningful, you would have to also have stats on population, law enforcement calls, court cases, and client load on such things as probation, to correlate the increase as unnecessary growth in government or unavoidable and reasonable. There may also be bigger ticket items which were necessary, such as the replacement of the air conditioning system in the county building I am in, and replacement of the siding on the Health Dept building, both of which were unexpected. In my department you will find a significant increase in spending in our Document Storage Fund, but that was for big ticket conservation of records items, redaction of social security numbers for online access to documents, and new computer systems, which are covered in this special fund which is $3 collected on each document. So in my case you would find an increase of likely close to $500,000 over my predecessor, but it’s because she never kept up the records. On my general fund budet, I run by far the most cost effective dept in the state, employees and expenses per document processed.

    So you may not have found the problem, although I suspect you did, but it would be less factoring in growth in population and crime, which may be more significant than the direct pop increase. You must also take out the special funds, like mine, which don’t reflect general fund spending.

    This is not a criticism, as I would rather your examples be not quite right, (as I suspect they are off for the above reasons) but given anyway to keep the public focused on spending.

    Hope all is well. Keep up the good work.


    Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 11:55:50 +0000 To: [email protected]

    1. Include some common sense, and obviously wage and spending increases of this kind can’t be attributed in total to the above! What if this was a business?

      If the checkbook was on-line it would be a lot easier to tell where the spending is. But that’s another broken campaign promise. No surprise.

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