Socialism, by a guy living it

by:  Diane Benjamin

A friend of mine is in the Army, stationed in Germany.  His family is with him and they do a lot of travelling around Europe.  They have been to numerous beautiful and historic places.  His Facebook page has a ton of great pictures.  I was kidding him last week about how he may not want to come back here – he was raving about yet another great meal.

He made this list for wanting to come back:

-central air, 
-showers bigger than broom closets, 
-milk that doesn’t always taste rotten, 
-customer service, 
-non-mandatory recycling, 
-the ability to wash my own car in my own driveway or throw away more than a waste basket of trash each week, 
-remotely affordable energy, 
-vaguely sane tax rates and gas prices, 
-anything even slightly resembling choice or liberty? 

Believe me. Socialism sucks. People here are just accustomed to doing without. As long as they get handed everything at everyone else’s expense, they don’t mind being slaves, and they don’t want or understand freedom at all.

The only thing that might keep me from coming back is if we follow them down the same toilet.

I’ve been hearing reports of Illinois citizens calling a repair person for their air conditioning, only to find out the problem is their Smart Meter.  Their allowed usage was exceeded and the utility company cut their air conditioning on purpose.

Customer Service?  How do you like recorded answering machines when you call for help?

Affordable energy?  How many coal power plants have been closed?

Gas prices?  Not as bad as Europe, but getting there.  Remember, when Obama took office the price was $1.84.  He cancelled drilling permits his first month and won’t approve the Keystone pipeline.

Is America becoming accustomed too?








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  1. “Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction.” -Thomas Jefferson

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