Can the #ILGOP old guys be trusted?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Both Jim Edgar and Jim Thompson openly support Kirk Dillard for governor.

According to

MONTHLY pension received:

Jim Edgar:  $11,574.84 received since 2001

11, 575 X 12 mths = $138,900 per year x 12 yrs (so far) = $1,666,800 of which he contributed a total of $164,657

Jim Thompson: $11,246.86 received since 1991

11247 x 12 mths = $134,964 per year x 22 yrs (so far) = $2,969,208 of which he contributed as total of $84,995

The pension funds have severely under-performed the planned rate of return, so taxpayers are forced to pick up the difference.

These are the 2 guys wanting us to listen to their advice on who the GOP nominee should be for governor.

You decide whether they can trusted with taxpayer money.

2 thoughts on “Can the #ILGOP old guys be trusted?

  1. INTEGRITY, Character, honor, are qualities far more important than CHICAGO CONNECTIONS and playing the political ‘game’. Seems to me when the GOP elites play the game they get richer while we get POORER. Kirk Dilliard when you lay down with dogs you get fleas, are you scratching yet?

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