The toothless Attorney General – Bloomington ignores them

by Diane Benjamin

When I filed the latest Open Meetings Act violation against the Library Board (, I made it clear to the Attorney General’s Office that 2 previous Open Meetings Act violations were still outstanding – one from over a year ago.  What good does having a State Office charged with protecting the citizens from government corruption if they don’t act when the facts are laid out for them?

Today I received a copy of letter the Attorney General’s Office sent to the City of Bloomington.  It is the third attempt to get a reply from the City on the violation I filed last October.  The then Mayor (Stockton), David Hales and most of the Council felt it was just fine to discuss City business by email ( and they still do).  Stockton would even take votes by email and never inform the Council of the results.  It’s so much easier to get things done when those pesky citizens aren’t informed!

The first question is:  Why does the City of Bloomington have no fear of not responding to the Attorney General’s Office?  Maybe because the AG never ruled on the Fazinni road-trip violation filed last July.

The second question is:  Why did the Attorney General only try again to get a response when I filed a third OMA violation and threatened to expose their failure to act state-wide?

Is anybody looking out for you?  (Besides

Read the letter:  Attorney General – Bloomington


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