Governor Quinn Attempts Media Censorship


This is the continuing story based on our 9 month investigation

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Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.”  
Hugo L. Black

(New York Times Company v. United States, 1971)


 H-1B ObamaCare Illinois Bombshell
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Within a high-cost IT contract, the Quinn administration is discriminating against Illinois-based workers and is outsourcing our tax dollars.

Now, the administration is engaged in a cover-up by attempting to censor the Huffington Post. Two state directors attempted to coerce media to stop reporting on their IT contracts.

Julie Hamos, Director of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services(HFS) wrote a letter to the Huffington Post editors attempting to censor my columns. Communications Director Kelly Jakubek wrote derogatory emails.  Both Directors Hamos and Jakubek failed in their strong-arm tactics.

Read HFS Director Julie Hamos’ letter- including our detailed response

Read HFS Communications Director Kelly Jakubek’s email chain- including our detailed response 

Here are the embarrassing facts:
  • In June, Cognizant Technology Solutions– a leading H-1B visa outsourcer was awarded a $71.4 million IT contract by the administration.
  • U.S. Dept. of Labor applications show up to 100 H-1B visas. Cognizant claims “a lack of qualified talent” domestically. Read Computerworld’s column
  • Taxpayers are billed up to a quarter million dollars per position per year andpay $200,000 in year-one travel costsRead contract 

After review of the facts, the Huffington Post’s editors weighed in via email:
They wrote, “Thank you Adam, you seem to have addressed everything so that’s all we’ll need. If you have any updates to the post- if there are any areas that aren’t clear, we’ll be happy to add. Otherwise, no action needed.

WAND-NBC Channel 17 (Springfield) carried our investigation as the lead story.
Watch Newscast 

Alton Telegraph Editorial Board wrote, “Who’s Minding the ObamaCare Store” regarding our study.

Gov. Pat Quinn is discriminating against Illinois-based workers while costing taxpayers millions and prefers that the facts don’t get reported.

Media outlets in Illinois shouldn’t succumb to pressure from government agencies to squash reporting.



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Where is the Chicago Tribune reporting?  Illinois jobs are being sent to India and they don’t report?

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