YOU can help end gerrymandering in Illinois!

In 2010 the Illinois Democrats re-drew the district lines – of course to benefit their candidates in elections.  This provided them with super-majorities in Springfield – both the House and Senate.  Republicans are immaterial.  The Democrats OWN Illinois, the pensions mess, the mass exodus, the unfunded liabilities, and all the corruption.

Worse, many of these districts are sprawling districts reaching way too many miles for the elected officials to adequately represent their citizens.  The nonsense created by the Democrats just to stay in power harms Illinois citizens.

One group is attempting to change how districts are drawn by taking people out of the calculations.  Maps would be drawn by computers.  Iowa already does this.  Look at their House map:

This is Illinois – the RED lines are House Districts:

Illinois can do better.  A group is attempting to get a Constitutional Amendment on the November 2014 ballot to have all future maps drawn by computer.

You can help get this amendment on the ballot.  If you can’t attend the McLean County meeting, email them.  They can send you petitions.


We are getting organized by reaching out to you in an effort to start a discussion about the campaign, our petition drive efforts and what we can do in McLean County to help.  We are holding the first of our Regional Team meetings on Wednesday October 9th.  Here are the details:

October 9th at 6:30 pm

Normal Public Library

206 W. College Ave.

Normal, IL 61761

At this meeting, we will discuss how to move forward gathering signatures and how to get the word out about our redistricting effort in the Bloomington/Normal area.  To RSVP for this meeting, just email me at [email protected].
Let me know if you have any questions, or still need to receive petitions.
Thanks a lot,

Christina Granfield | Regional Organizer | Yes! for Independent Maps

312-888-1760 (o) | 847-863-8519 (m)

[email protected]

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