Another reason NOT to listen to WJBC

by:  Diane Benjamin

I caught 15 seconds of Scott & Colleen this morning-the radio was on the wrong station.  15 seconds was 15 seconds too many because they were both calling out the Congressman who confronted the Park Service employee barring the WWII vets from entering their memorial.

They must not know the memorial is an Open Air Memorial.  They must not know that the Open Air Memorials have NEVER been closed under any government shutdown.  They must not know the Obama administration put out an order to “make the shutdown as tough as possible for the American people”.  They must not know Illegal Aliens are holding a rally tomorrow on the CLOSED Mall and Nancy Pelosi is going to be a speaker!

These two morning hosts are uninformed media.  They see no threat to the very survival of the country.   Don’t waste your time.  They want the Congressman to apologize!  It’s not like he hit her, pushed her, or did anything other than raise his voice.  These vets were on a pilgrimage, Obama locked them out for spite.  How can that employee look in the mirror and be proud of herself when she complied with evil.  No job and pension is worth that.  Yes, I’ve been there!

Try the other local radio station.  No liberal crap allowed.  92.9 FM.

I couldn’t pick just one.

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2 thoughts on “Another reason NOT to listen to WJBC

  1. I was once a listener of WJBC, when Jim Brown, and the rest of the crew were still there. When Red Pitcher took over, got rid of the regulars, changed the format ,to WBBM stile(all talk radio )I turned the dial to !!OFF !!
    I Called WJBC Monday , Oct. 7, 2013, ask why WJBC didn’t report the problem with drugs and alcohol at the Coliseum not being broadcast,( the gal taking my call responded, I don’t work weekends, so I don’t know anything about it, DA DA DA !!)
    Is that the reason it wasn’t reported on the air ?

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