Attn: Bloomington – Taxes Taxes Taxes

by:  Diane Benjamin

Government will never live within their means because they aren’t forced to.  Citizens just sit back and take whatever is thrown at them.

Many groups want your money: Unit 5, District 87, Soccer people, Community Center people, County Board, Library people, City of Bloomington – and there are probably more I forgot.

I’ve heard rumors of massive multi-year property tax increases.  Government doesn’t like to spend money on essentials, so the  essentials need extra money to get funded.  Pensions are way to boring to budget – so let’s raise property taxes!  Most of the alderman want to give you things you can see, not the invisible.  Hey – have another park!

Nobody told them incomes are down, unemployment is high, and costs on everything we buy have gone up.  8-18-29

Bloomington needs a forensic audit of all spending.   I hear mismanagement stories at close to every level of government.  They aren’t playing with their own money and the actual owners of the bucks haven’t held anybody accountable.  The checkbooks aren’t on-line, so transparent government doesn’t exist.

If you can afford to pay HUNDREDS more a year, just ignore everything I wrote.




4 thoughts on “Attn: Bloomington – Taxes Taxes Taxes

  1. Stop! Stop !! The plans are a Master plan of 31 Million Dollars for Miller Park, in future developes,lets forget about these mirages, and spend on Street upgrades, and exploring of drinking water resources, !! HEY Council !! use some common sense, We don’t drive through Miller Park to go to work or shopping !!

  2. Veterans Parkway is in need of massive repair! Many streets are trashed. Even more telling is that more people are on food stamps that any time in history! Anyone who votes for more taxes is insane!!!

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