This and That

by:  Diane Benjamin

Why are Unit 5 and District 87 looking for tax increases when State Farm is sending around 5000 employees, and their families, back to India by 2015?

Why would anybody build more apartments when there are going to be a lot of them open in 2015?

Have farmers finally figured out the Federal Government is too involved in their business?  No farm bill, no market reports, can’t you handle your business better yourselves?

Why is the Federal Government allowed to own so much land when they can just shut it down whenever they feel like it?

Why would anybody want the Federal Government running Healthcare?  Think they won’t shut it down?

Who decided that fossil fuel use isn’t sustainable?  Obviously only the people who don’t want it!  Saudi Arabia is afraid our natural gas reserves will put them out of business.

Why is the price of natural gas going up when we are supposedly swimming in it?

Why would anybody consider legalizing illegal aliens when many many America citizens are unemployed and under-employed?

Do you even remember when people were embarrassed to pay with Food Stamps or collect any welfare benefits?2429574

Do you remember when people used Food stamps on a temporary basis instead of permanent?

Do you remember when our military was held in high esteem by our government instead of treated like second class throw-aways?

Would anybody with a brain want to see Nancy Pelosi back in the news everyday if Democrats win the House back in 2014?

What happened to Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, government spying on the media, our phone records being collected, EPA releasing information on farmers to environmental groups, HHS Secretary Sebelius shakes down companies to help fund ObamaCare-violates the Hatch Act, and all the rest of the Obama scandals?

Why won’t my dog quit chasing the cat?

Why does the Pantagraph only report on ancient history and not the current area scandals?











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