It’s a lot easier to pull the plug on Granny if . . .

h/t Illinois Review

Death panels do exist in ObamaCare.  If Granny is old, she can be denied cancer treatment because ObamaCare is all about spending money only on those contributing to society, just because the family thinks she contributes, government can decide otherwise.  Why do you think the ObamaCare law cut Medicare?

At St Joseph Ogden High School in St. Joseph Illinois, situational ethics has been updated from the classic life raft scenario to the modern death panel.

According to Champion News, a high school social science class was asked to make “death panel” judgments and pick from a list of various individuals who should get dialysis treatment if a hospital’s lifesaving machines were limited. Below is the unconfirmed assignment. 

ogdenWelcome to the new “life as no meaning”.

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