Mayor Transparency needs a lesson in Parliamentary Procedure

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari’s job as Mayor at City Council Meetings:

The word chair can refer to the place from which the holder of the office presides, whether on a chair, at a lectern, or elsewhere. During meetings, the person presiding is said to be “in the chair”, the person is also referred to as “the chair.” Parliamentary procedure requires that members address the “chair” rather than the “chairman”, or by using a person’s name. This is one of many customs intended to maintain the presiding officer’s impartiality and insuring an objective and impersonal approach.[2]

That means he doesn’t participate in the discussion – he leads the discussion.

Why is this important?

Parliamentary procedure is based on the principles of allowing the majority to make decisions effectively and efficiently (majority rule), while ensuring fairness towards the minority and giving each member or delegate the right to voice an opinion.[10] Voting determines the will of the assembly. While each assembly may create their own set of rules, these sets tend to be more alike than different. A common practice is to adopt a standard reference book on parliamentary procedure and modify it through special rules of order that supersede the adopted authority.

During most of the meeting Renner is telling the Council what he wants.  Around 1 hour 9 minutes he repudiates Judy Stearns for her comments about the downtown plan.  Keep watching.   When they get to the hotel discussion and funding a feasibility study for $30,000, Renner doesn’t want to hear anything Stearns has to say.  So much for protecting the rights of the minority!

Just a side note:  The Town of Normal bought the Citizens Bank property for $1,000,000 and then GAVE it to the Marriott.  Expect no less from Bloomington.

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  1. Well.. The saying, The Right way!!.. wrong way!! and Tari Renner’s way,seems to be Tari’s way of doing anything,Will he ever come out of his coma ?

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