League of Women Voters: Exposed

by: Diane Benjamin

I hear the local League is going to pretend they are behind the Ward change in Bloomington that will be on the March ballot.  Evidently, Fazzini, Renner, Fruin, and Black are concerned it looks bad for sitting Council members to be working to change the Council they sit on.  A little late guys.

You need to know who the League of Women Voter’s are.  From their Facebook page:

Voter photo ID laws are particularly costly and burdensome for women in part because roughly 90 percent of women change their legal name upon marriage or divorce and and only 48 percent of voting-age women have an ID that accurately reflects their current name.Read about how voter ID laws disproportionally impact women in our recent blog post. The League has long been working to defeat voter photo ID bills and will continue to do so in 2014.

So women aren’t smart enough to change their name on an ID?  What name did they register under?  Probably the same one they didn’t change on their ID!

In 2013, supporters of the League of Women Voters have helped protect our democracy by thwarting widespread voter suppression efforts, educating and empowering voters, helping pass landmark state gun control legislation, leading the fight to protect our climate and so much more. These are just some of the highlights of the incredible work done by our members across the country and here in Washington included in our year-in-review slideshow.

Gun Control?  Protect the Climate?  Does this group share your values?


50 years ago today, President Lyndon B Johnson signed the Clean Air Act, the first federal law on air pollution control, into law.Celebrate by telling the Environmental Protection Agency to advance new carbon pollution standards and to put people before polluters:

I guess pro-jobs can’t be put on their resume!  More Global Warming believers, even if it means less jobs.


Last month, we told you that the League of Women Voters of the U.S. joined with the League of Women Voters of Kansas and theLeague of Women Voters of Arizona to file a motion to intervene in a lawsuit between the states of Kansas and Arizona and the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) on documentary proof-of-citizenship on voter registration forms.We’re happy to report back that the court decided in our favor and is allowing the League to participate fully in the case. We filed a brief in the case earlier this week.

Requiring and ID that proves citizenship is just too difficult! 


Oh, they were big supporters of ObamaCare too!  At least now you know who the League is.  I left their typo’s in on purpose.





2 thoughts on “League of Women Voters: Exposed

  1. The question is, will the sheeple of Bloomington wake up to this underhanded fiasco? Will they even care about this ward change to give the Mayor and his rubber stamp 7 more power?

    Sheeple: Sheep-like people, many of whom deny the existence of wolves, and vote to pull the teeth of the sheepdogs who protect the flock. — John Conner

  2. Edward Bernays wrote the book on ‘propaganda’ and on page 130 of the book ‘Propaganda’ he speaks of how the League of Women Voters are good at using modern propaganda techniques to push their agenda. They were masterful using propaganda to manipulate the American public into supporting the need for a United Nations. I suspect that the proposed changes to the wards are in trouble and Renner and Fazzini need the propaganda expertise of the League of omen Voters to manipulate the public into supporting a system that works against their own interests.

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