Tari Renner vrs Chris Christie

by:  Diane Benjamin

I have no idea whether Chris Christie knew his staff created traffic havoc on purpose.  I’m sure the investigation will continue.  Only the press thinks he is a front-runner for President in 2016, so Christie will continue to dominate the news.  Their agenda requires he be taken down.

The Christie scandal was discovered because he is a Republican and the press went after him.  If the first didn’t apply, the press would be silent.  We see it over and over again nationally:  Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Scandal etc etc.  The press has spent more time on a traffic tie-up than on 4 dead Americans in Libya.

That brings me to the local press.  Where are the stories about Mayor Renner WRITING the petition language to get Modified Wards on the March PRIMARY ballot?   Where are the stories demanding Mayor Renner apologize to Alderwoman Stearns for his marginalizing and degrading comments when she was just doing what her oath of office required?   Where are the stories demanding he apologize to me, or at least answer the questions I’ve raised?

Local press is sadly lacking.  Who is going to hold Renner accountable for his attacks on perceived enemies?  Not the people holding Christie accountable.  Who held Mayor Stockton accountable for his attacks on Stearns?  Nobody!  The elitists in Bloomington-Normal want City Councils that okay whatever is brought to them.  They would prefer unanimous votes on every issue.  Several members of the Bloomington City Council have publicly stated as much, one alderman tried to change his vote in December because he was the only NO vote.

Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower actually ask questions, bring up issues, and want informed votes.  Since the press is rarely going to support the only 2 on the Council that don’t Rubber Stamp virtually everything, they will continue to have targets on their backs.  Citizens must decide if they want representation on the Council or if Rubber Stamping (and the debt that comes with it) is a good thing.

Are we ever going to see editorials criticizing local government?  Editorials questioning less than transparent downtown plans?  Mounting public debt?  How about the numerous water main breaks?  How about the huge holes in the roads?  How about the unused brand new and falling apart firehouse?  Why is the City asking for public comments on The Grove sidewalk to Benjamin school and not on the zoo plan or downtown Bloomington?  Is it because those have an agenda and a school sidewalk doesn’t?

Now that we know Renner considers himself a Democrat in office (http://blnnews.com/2014/01/12/quit-pretending-local-elections-are-non-partisan/) instead of an impartial public servant, he is mostly safe from the press, except BlnNews.com.  Maybe they can change.  Don’t hold your breathe though.

At least Christie apologized.


2 thoughts on “Tari Renner vrs Chris Christie

  1. RennerGate is a distraction to what is going on in the world around us. The man is of little importance on the grand scheme of things, yet very important in participating whole heartedly in enabling the puppet masters, to master all. Another wanna-be egghead that can’t see the forrest for the trees.

  2. Good Golly ol’ Molly let’s call for a Rubber Stamp Protest at City Hall!! no Tea Bags, just Rubber Stamps and latex condoms with Tarry’s grin faced mug and bow tie with a balloon message over his head saying HOWDY DOODY, I’M MAYOR TRANSPARANCEY, AND I’M HERE TO SCREW YA!!

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