Bloomington: Severe Danger ahead!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Did you know Mayor Tari Renner used to be the Director of Research for the International City/County Management Association?  (3/17/13 Pantagraph)

What is the ICMA? It’s the same group I filed an ethics complaint with against Normal City Manager Mark Peterson – IN NOVEMBER.

The ICMA has yet to make a decision on my complaint.  Their Code of Ethics is very clear, but this appears to be a case of an organization with policies they don’t enforce.  More leftist propaganda.    How do I know they are left-wing?  From their website:

Organization Overview

ICMA is the premier organization of professional local government leaders building sustainable communities to improve lives worldwide.

Sustainable communities means they have swallowed the global warming-global cooling-climate change hoax.  Just today I heard a news report that Europe is now abandoning “Sustainable” because they realize it was based on lies.  America charges forward though.

There are numerous problems with this organization, chief among them is ICMA will be on the agenda Tuesday night during the Committee of the Whole meeting of the Bloomington City Council.  Here is a link to the packet:

I mentioned in a post earlier today that Renner and Hales are throwing items at the Council non-stop.  This is another one.  ICMA thinks it can help members better manage their communities.  Fine, except their plan is to compare your city to cities around the country and even around the globe.  Then local government is urged to promote policies (and spending) to more closely align every city with every other city.

Anti-American is an understatement!

What made America a great county?  What made other countries look to America for leadership?  Why are many countries adopting more capitalistic policies?  Because pure capitalism works.  (America has been losing it for decades, but that’s another post)  Capitalism works because of competition.  Companies offering a product consumers need and can afford will succeed.  The others will fail.  Competition makes everybody better, more innovative, and more productive.

ICMA isn’t about competition between cities – it’s about conformity.  Conformity means mediocre.

Renner and Hales will want the City to adopt their program.  Bloomington doesn’t need any more mediocrity!

The citizens of Bloomington need to look at the links and speak up!  It will soon be too late to save the City from massive debt as they enact “best practices” – a term meaning anything they want it to mean to accomplish their goals.

One more note from the packet:


This is on page 38.  They serve over 100 of the most PROGRESSIVE cities and countries in the US and Canada!?!  Did you know Bloomington was progressive?  What exactly if progressive?  The short version is leaders attempting to create their version of Utopia by any means necessary, the ends justify the means.  Mayor Renner has already been caught in lies, so this label more than applies.  Look at Normal, Chicago, Detroit – Bloomington’s future!

I moved to this area in 1980.  Bloomington-Normal was small, Route 51 was a two lane road.  There was only 1 mall, nothing was east of Veterans Parkway.  McLean County was a conservative bastion, so much so that Democrats ran as Republicans because they could never get elected otherwise.  I’m not sure we know what a real Republican is anymore, there aren’t many examples.

The area began to change when Diamond Star (Mitsubishi) was built.  Then State Farm transferred a lot of west coast liberals here.

Local government is so far unwilling to admit the growth is over.  College enrollment is down, State Farm is transferring people out, the latest new industry choose to build in Lexington instead of Bloomington.  Illinois is last or almost last in every survey of economic success and fiscal management.

It’s too late for Normal, I hope they enjoy their real estate tax increase.  The Bloomington City Council is not going to put the brakes on spending unless the citizens demand it!  The meeting tomorrow is at 5:30 in the Council Chambers.  If you aren’t there, they will assume it doesn’t matter.  At least email the Council: [email protected]





11 thoughts on “Bloomington: Severe Danger ahead!

      1. I have a difficult time believing that scientists, who tend to place a premium on integrity, would be caught up in the scenario you describe.

        Nonetheless, I read through your post regurgitating an e-mail the Heartland Institute sent around after that report was issued. Spoiler alert: they mischaracterize everything.

        More here:

        Am I the only one who’s able to see the irony in Diane railing against the Pantagraph for its alleged propaganda and then buying into a piece released by a fossil-fuel funded, conservative think tank?

        1. There are a ton of stories on global warming from a variety of sources on this site. It’s just common sense. The models the scientist came up with weren’t close to correct. The scientist can’t find the carbon pockets in the atmosphere they expected. Al Gore said the north pole would be melted by 2013. Nothing they have predicted has come true. Europe is abandoning the whole concept, America will be next. Illinois used to be half covered by a glacier! What melted it? Do you know the Middle Ages was warmer than it is now? The whole thing was a scam for money.

          Slate is a far left site, I would expect them to tow the company line.

    1. “What made America a great country?” Start with that comment madboy. Look back into history a bit. That’s where you should start.

        1. Think about the condition of people before America began and capitalism raised the standard of living. If you aren’t proud of your country, I feel really sorry for you. America used to be a shining city on a hill to the rest of the world. Why do you think people immigrated here from all over the world.

        2. Well madboy, from reading your words I am convinced that you are a dyed in the wool Liberal. This is why you can not comprehend or understand any logic, as Michael Savage says “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”

  1. These left-wing Progressives Like Renner, Hales and their rubber stamp 7 are not concerned with loosing businesses, corporations and college enrollment because that is all a part of there agenda. Again, referring to their play book ”Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, you will see what their definition of “progressive” and success really means, Revolution via Evolution to destroy Capitalism brick by brick! Oh!………………their just getting started!!!

  2. “Sure, America has had a few moments, but I’m not about to get all nostalgic about it.”
    Seriously madboy? This comment is dumber than anything I’ve ever read in any comment section! Give yourself a #1 trophy for dumb.

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