Comparing Bloomington – MOVE or start FIGHTING

I’m re-posting this article in honor of Bloomington’s $180,000,000 proposed budget!

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by:  Diane Benjamin

In 2012 the population of Bloomington is listed at 77,733.  Champaign’s population was 82,517, Peoria was 115,687.  Note:  Bloomington is the smallest!  

These numbers are all from the City’s websites.  Total Budget information:


In 2012 Bloomington spent $2111 per citizen.  Champaign spent $1272, Peoria $1584.

Alderman Fazzini wants the City to borrow more money.

Mayor Renner wants the downtown area rebuilt, he is a big Chris Koos fan!  (Koos GAVE Uptown land to lure businesses-Watch for it in Bloomington)

The Library wants to build an annex, the Mayor wants to expand it in downtown.

The spending plans will continue, so will tax increases.

Something else I found while researching:

Hales had proposed increasing the utility tax from 2.5 percent to 4 percent to raise money for road work, but the council rejected it.  4/7/2009  Pantagraph

Nothing has changed since 2009, except now they are considering a fuel tax increase too.

Government will NEVER have enough money, it’s especially obvious in Bloomington.

Bloomington management continues to throw projects and spending at the Council.  The SEVEN POTTED PLANTS, who were supposedly elected to represent the citizens, RUBBER STAMP anything Hales and Renner want.  The citizens only have 2 voices on the City Council:  Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower.  These 2 can’t do anything when they are always out-voted by the 7.  It’s time the citizens stand up for themselves against the seven, Renner, and Hales.  (unless you are leaving!)

Renner and Fazzini are dying for more power with Modified Wards.  Bloomington is already destroying opportunities through debt and bad policies.  If they get At-large Alderman their total focus will be on spending and taxing to pay for it.

Maybe this is why so many State Farm employees are jumping at the chance to relocate.   Illinois is in a death spiral, Bloomington is following in their footsteps.

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