Pesky citizens not allowed at County Board meetings

by:  Diane Benjamin

So much for the elected working for WE THE PEOPLE!  We aren’t allowed to speak – on purpose.  Normal finally got the message, of course it took the Attorney General to force them.  County Board:  should I file now or give you a week?

5.14-7 Appearance by Non-Members

(A) Any member may request that a County Officer or employee, or other persons, be permitted to appear before the Board on matters of County business, and such request shall be granted by the Chairman unless there is objection by any member, in which event Board action will be required to overrule the Chairman.

(B) All requests by non-members of the Board for appearance before the Board shall be made to the Administrator, in writing with the subject matter stated, not less than five working days before the next scheduled Board meeting. Such appearance with regard to any particular topic shall be limited to a time not to exceed three minutes for each individual, five minutes for a representative spokesman of a group and fifteen minutes total. The Chairman may act to prevent repetition or digression, to maintain decorum and to exclude discussion of matters which have had a previous public hearing conducted according to law, discussion of matters where public comment would interfere with the due process of law or discussion of matters which would be in direct conflict with restrictions placed upon the Board by other applicable law





One thought on “Pesky citizens not allowed at County Board meetings

  1. FILE! To not allow Freedom of Speech is un-American and down right egotistic!!!
    “Easy is the path to wisdom for those not blinded by ego.” – Yoda

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