The REAL State of the state (Illinois)

Attn. Renner & Koos: Blm-Normal is IN Illinois

Response to Gov. Quinn by Illinois Policy Institute





Illinois Policy | Policy Changes Lives
Free market think tank changing hearts, minds and laws.

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One thought on “The REAL State of the state (Illinois)

  1. Fear not people, BatMayor Renner and FuzzRobin our own dynamic duo, will save the city by building parks, visitors centers, zoo makeovers, more parks, bike lanes, more parks and other frivolous things to include palm trees and enclosed man made lakes & beaches for the millennial’s! By jiminy, we have to make sure those youngin’s have a good work/life balance! Oh yes, build it at any cost and THEY WILL COME! Forget about affordability!!!! We have superhero’s at the helm!


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