Fly on the Wall – Confused

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Mayor Renner wants a hotel in downtown Bloomington.  I thought the purpose was to help the Coliseum.

But, the hotel feasibility study includes a 20,000 square foot convention center.

I thought the Coliseum was the convention center.  How is this going to help the Coliseum?

Besides, 150 rooms isn’t going to handle a lot of convention people.

Are you confused too?

At least the Council APPEARS to not be behind using your money to help get it built!


3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – Confused

  1. Back in the day through the 1970’s, on about 300 E. Front Street there was a hotel. Grand in it’s hey day it became a transient residence for low income folks. Quite the attractive crowd. Then poof, it was gone! Let’s not forget the crack house Coachman Motel on 400 E. Washington. Yeppers, downtown Bloomington has a history of hotels and they met their demise. But of course a shiny new one would be the talk of the town. Where is our county historian Greg Koos on this? Wierd though that he loves to tear down buildings and build new ones. Did Tino consult with history? He should, he didn’t liv here in the 70’s or 80’s now did he? Dang, our mayor is just another transient. Maybe he will move into the fantasy hotel. John Hanson would have been a better choice for mayor. Lex Green would have been the best choice.

  2. Whats the manner with Tari Renner, a memory disorder, it hasn’t been that long ago it was advertised for developers interested in building a hotel in downtown Bloomington, !! no takers !! too much of a risk, whats going to support a hotel, not the Coliseum, it would have to be booked full 85 % of the year…….don’t look at us Taxpayers !!

  3. This survey would make Vladimir Putin blush. It is disturbing that we have local officials pushing a survey that is so manipulative and deceptive towards the citizens.

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