Those evil Koch Brothers!

by:  Diane Benjamin

I really had to laugh reading a Letter to the Editor today praising Tari Renner for his fundraising to get the candidates he wants on the City Council.  He thought Tari was being very transparent on what he was up to, and I guess he is.  Unfortunately for Tari, many other letter writers are outraged that a sitting mayor would stack the Council in his favor, like it isn’t already.  Tari:  you have 7 potted plants.  You want more?

The funny part came when the letter writer contrasted Tari with the Koch brothers.  If you don’t know about them, they are the major backers of Americans for Prosperity, definitely right wingers.  I am on every left-wing email list, the Koch brothers are a constant target.  It’s pretty easy to see where the writer got his information.  He is also horribly misinformed.

The  left has been apologetic over Citizens United.  Prior, they had union money and big donors giving money to left-wing groups, but now the right is using big money too.  They can’t stand the competition.  The Koch brothers are an easy target.  The facts though don’t justify their outrage.  The Kochs are small compared with the left’s guys like Warren Buffet and George Soros.

Here’s a good story with the truth:   Short quote:  “Anyway, it cracks me up every time I hear or listen to some leftist babbling on and on about those evil Koch brothers and their Americans for Prosperity (APF) organization.”  I feel the same.

Maybe the letter writer will see it and quit spouting the talking points of the left.  It’s not attractive to look so completely uniformed.







7 thoughts on “Those evil Koch Brothers!

  1. Well, I do think the focus on the Koch Bros. detracts from the fact that the Democrats are just as dependent on big money as their Congressional counterparts, but, then again, the Koch’s take the cake when it comes to being as anti-democratic, arrogant, and hypocritical as anyone who has attempted to exert such an influence over politics. Sure, Buffett and Soros (“the left’s guys”) may be worth more (I assume that’s what you’re alluding to), but I don’t see them going around saying climate change will actually be good for humanity since it will produce more farmable land.

    Side note – if you honestly see the political spectrum as extending from Buffett/Soros/et al. on the left to the Koch Bros. on the right you should reconsider. Buffett’s about as big a capitalist as anyone.

    1. Buffet is blocking the Keystone pipeline because the oil is going by his railroad. Did you look at the list of organization funded by Soros? Did you know Soros had a campaign to get Democrats elected in swing states to be Sectretary of State because they have the final word on elections? Kochs are pikers compared to Soros!

  2. I’ll take the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch any day over those left-wing Commie/Nazi supporters of Soros and Buffet!

      1. And Soros, for all his talk, padded his wallet via that staple of the capitalist enterprise, the market.

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