Bloomington: Screwed up priorities!

by Diane Benjamin

Bloomington City manager David Hales and Mayor Renner want to raise your taxes – they just don’t have enough money.  Pensions aren’t funded, the roads are despicable, a pretty new parking garage is unusable, the Coliseum and BPCA are gulping your money – but YOU need a Master Bike Plan!  More Quality if life.

I have nothing against bikes.  I rode all over the place when I was younger – on the side streets.  I didn’t expect to be able to ride on the main thoroughfares with cars driving much faster than me.  The local bikers don’t see it that way.

There is a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) they want your input:

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Members of the community have long been interested in formal bike routes through the Twin Cities in addition to the traditional Constitution Trail. They are invited to add their voices to the process of creating a bicycle Master Plan for Bloomington. 

Here’s a link to the City website:

These are link to previous stories about the bike plan:

This country wasn’t founded on fighting your government, but government has lost their way!  They no longer understand the job of government.

If you don’t attend this meeting, you will be driving narrower city streets with a bike next to you!

The survey you received was a joke, you couldn’t answer NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Find some friends and attend this meeting – it revolution time folks!

If this isn’t enough:  there is a City Council meeting right now where city leaders, including a pastor, are demanding your money for the soccer fields and community center.  It’s for the kids!  It’s an investment in the future!

When are you going to say enough?

One thought on “Bloomington: Screwed up priorities!

  1. Potted plants favorite cliches are: a) if you build it, they will come. b) if you build it, they will come. c) if you build it, they will come. d) all of the above. e) a and b and c, but not xyz. f) a and c but not b, unless you are a common core grad and can explain your stupidity as to why b isn’t c although it is a which is c. * Love it. * Like * Agree ,,, kum-bi-ya-kum-bi-ya, our ball, our game, we win, let’s get on our bikes and ride! (The preceding is brought to you by mixedupminds surveys corp for mixed up people who don’t know how mixed up they are.) Ignorance is bliss.

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