Vote! or be ruled by those who do UPDATE #2!

The Sales Tax question is probably on the BACK of your ballot.  I’m getting reports that some election judges aren’t telling you that!  (paper ballot)  Turnout is estimated at less than 25%!  Are you kidding me?  What to pay more taxes – permanently?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Voting is YOUR sacred right.

Make your voice heard today.

Voters without your values will show up and vote

If you don’t vote – they decide your future


Campaign signs are not allowed within 100 feet of the door to a polling place.  If you see campaign signs, inform the election judges that illegal signs are present – they MUST remove them.  I know of 2 polling places today with illegal signs!

Also, one candidate for governor had people in a parking lot handing out slips of paper urging votes for their guy.  Also illegal within 100 feet of the door.  Inform the election judges!

If no action is taken – contact me:  [email protected]




2 thoughts on “Vote! or be ruled by those who do UPDATE #2!

  1. I just went by and voted at our precinct after I got off work. I ask the Judges how the voter turn out has been today and they said things had been very slow all day. If we are going to restore our American Heritage and Christian moral values to what they once were we MUST go and vote! Just remember when you vote………………………………………….


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