Why is Illinois & McLean County corrupt?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Crimes are only crimes if they are prosecuted.  Elected officials can do anything they want, including breaking the law, but if they aren’t prosecuted – magically there is no crime!  They learn early they are at little risk of being prosecuted.

Why is Illinois corrupt?  Because very few elected officials are prosecuted.  The elected start small, get by with it, soon laws no longer matter.  Maybe if you are caught stealing millions of dollars or you try to sell a Senate seat, somebody will prosecute you.  Otherwise, law enforcement and prosecutors refuse to hold the elected accountable.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office is a joke.  It’s not just her office though.  Local prosecutors aren’t holding the local elected officials accountable either.  Making waves might hurt their upward mobility.

The local elected move on to higher office taking their “laws don’t matter” attitude with them.

Now you know why Illinois is corrupt

and nothing will change anytime soon.








9 thoughts on “Why is Illinois & McLean County corrupt?

  1. It appears that our whole government for the most part is corrupt. When a government is corrupt at the top like this Federal Obama Chicago style of gangster government it is usually corrupt at the lower state, county and city levels also. A good case and point is when the Nazis took control of Germany in 1933 because of their corruption to change the laws of Germany from a free country for their people it became a horrible enslaving dictatorship and a threat to the whole world until they were brought down by a WWII in 1945. This is why I tell people who think that our Congress will impeach Obama that it will not happen. It would be nice, but no way will that happen! Most people are unaware of an impeachment bill against President Obama that has been setting in our US House of Representatives since the end of 2011. It is House Resolution Bill 107 and it was put forth because Obama declared war against Syria without Congressional approval. The Lame-stream, Orwellian controlled media, even FOX News, shoved it under the rug and did not report much about it. Unfortunately Obama will not be impeached or even investigated because of a bought and paid for Congress who have sold We The People out by both of our two main political parties. This complicity is treason at the highest possible level. So far, the Republicans in Congress have given this fake and fraudulent illegitimate pathological liar “everything” he wants and have loaded it onto the backs of the American citizens! This liar in chief has used fraudulent social security numbers and a forged birth certificate according to the investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office in Arizona. It is not just the Democrat control of the Senate which prevents Obama’s impeachment, Republican House Speaker John Boehner is also preventing impeachment just as much as any Democrat and impeachment begins in the House. It is Congress’s fear of the complete truth about this fraud, Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama being revealed, that makes them refuse to do anything to Obama, no matter what he does! Obama and his regime know this and that is why they do pretty much whatever they want to no matter how un-Constitutional it is without any fear of being stopped. You see, just like the Nazi government of Germany did with their Hitler, Congress protects Obama to protect themselves and their objective is to maintain and protect this con-job fraud no matter what! When this nightmare is over, and one day it will be, they must be held accountable for the treason they have committed against US! They are nothing but traitors and cowards of the highest levels who will gladly let America be destroyed if it keeps them out of prison or worse. This is why so many impeachable offenses have been committed by Obama and even the Republicans have done……………………nothing!!!

  2. That feeling when you are looking into the new Transparency Portal for your local governments’ fiscal tax policies and it feels like you’re about to get scammed because it isn’t transparent at all.

      1. Diane, please don’t send your BLN News to me because if Kevin Gerrard (your puppet master) would find out he might pull your monthly $80 and you wouldn’t want that. Thank You! 🙂 

          1. Well Diane, I will just email this email to your puppet master Kevin Gerrard so he can see your trying to pander to me! 🙂 

  3. Reading over some of the older articles and posts. 2014 (this article) to 2023. Nothing changed much in McLean County. This article is still right on point!! 😮. Sad to say

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